EU Blue Card for Germany

In one sentence: Blue Card is what Green Card is in USA. We will explain some questions about EU Blue Card in this article. We will explain them with the laws, not like a story that is told between foreigners living inside-outside of Germany. If you will still need help after reading through this article, we are happy to assist you. You can also go from here to “How to Get EU Blue Card for Germany?“.

1. What is EU Blue Card (Blaue Karte EU) and who can get one?

  • What: This type of residence permit allows highly qualified Non-EU  people to live and work in an European country since 2009. In our case this European Country is Germany.
  • Who can get in Germany: It is simple. People who are graduated from a German university (including Hochschules) or who has a foreign degree that is comparable to a German one from a university recognised by Germany can get a Blau Karte EU. Remark: it doesn’t mean that your degree is comparable to a  German one even if your university is recognised. There is a database where you can check if your university and qualification is recognised or not. Please check our post “Is Your University and Degree Recognised by Germany?“.

2. What are some preconditions to apply for a Blue Card?

  • Proof of having completed a higher education. If higher education isn’t acquired in Germany, then university must be recognised and degree must be something comparable to a German one. Please check our post “Is Your University and Degree Recognised by Germany?“.
  • If you are already offered a position in Germany, job offer or the contract.
  • This contract must be at least for one year and it must be related to your degree with the salary of 42k € per year (as of 2019). Decision of if your job title is okay with your qualification is made by the foreigner’s office officer you are applying.

If you are from outside of Germany and you are not offered a position, you can not apply for a Blue Card! You have to get a job contract first. Check our “How to Get EU Blue Card for Germany?“.

Some other facts about German Blue Card:

  • It can be maximum of 4 years but duration will be same as your offered contract plus 3 months.
  • You don’t need to have a German language certification to get a Blue Card but waiting period for getting a limitless residence permit will be decreased from 33 months to 21 months if you have at least B1 German Certificate.
  • Your spouse can come to Germany once you obtain the card. Your spouse will have the opportunity to work without hour limitation. Your spouse does not have to get a German A1 certificate to get the initial visa to come to Germany.
  • You can invite your parents and siblings to Germany for maximum of 3 months. If they get can get a job, they can apply for a residence permit or even for a Blue Card.
  • Your spouse will may have to attend a German integration Course after he/she is in Germany.

Thanks for reading. Don’t forget to read also “How to Get EU Blue Card for Germany?” and “Is Your University and Degree Recognised by Germany?“. Please don’t hesitate to ask questions.

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