Is Your University and Degree Recognised by Germany?

We have talked about EU Blue Card for Germany before. One of the main factors to be eligible for getting a Blue Card is to hold a university degree. Both your university and degree must be recognised in Germany.

There is such database where you can check if your degree is comparable to a German one. Don’t forget that it might be different for each state in Germany. You can go to this website and check if your university is recognised by Germany. Don’t forget that you degree may not be accepted even if your university is recognised.

In that website click Suchen, enter your country and the education type. Choose Staatliche Universitat if you are looking for university.

Click plus sign next to your university and find Status. In the status section, you have 3 opportunity to see:

  • H +: Congrats! Your university is recognised.
  • H : Your university is not recognised at the moment. This status may change in the future.
  • H +/-: Your university is not recognised and it won’t be possible in the future.


From this moment you have to search if your qualification-degree is comparable to a German one. For that please visit this website. Choose Suchen nach Stellen für Berufe. There choose Suchen nach Berufen. You can also choose the state if you have in my mind that you would like to move. After searching, you will see the official experts contact information including their address, phone numbers, emails etc. You have to tell them your information, your job title or profession or degree and confirm that those are comparable with a German one. Example: Software Developer – Software Entwickler are same when you translate but context can be different. This is why you have to be sure you are okay.

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