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We would like to welcome you to our blog and say “Hi!” from our heart, or as Germans say: “Herzlich willkommen” (Warm welcome). We will try to answer a couple of questions before we start and fill this blog with plenty of information.

We are a couple living in the heart of Black Forest (“Schwarzwald”) which is in south of Baden-Württemberg, Germany. We are both from Turkey and moved to Germany in 2015 for Master education in engineering after I graduated from university. You might guess that I am an engineer and have been working in an IT company since 2 years, and yes I am now “M. Eng.”. You can call me as “Mr. A.”.

On the other hand, my wife is a math teacher for primary school. She has worked as a teacher in a private school in Ankara (capital city of Turkey) for a year and obviously: she hated it. I was of course in Germany during that time. Then we got married in August, 2018 with a big-traditional Turkish wedding and moved to Germany in September, 2018. You can call her as “Mrs. P.”.

Since I have been living in Germany more than 3 years, I have learnt almost everything about this country. I have learnt most of the things all by myself, in other words “learnt the hard way”- by of course experiencing them with different outcomes. Some of the experiences have turned out be good, some of them bad. I had nobody when I moved to Germany. I didn’t know German. I had to cope with thousands of stuff. I confess myself time to time that I could have returned to my country back after some of the struggles I have been through even if I am not that kind of person.

I even sometimes tell my family that I wish there were some people I already knew before I settled down to Germany. That could have helped a lot but I didn’t have.

As you already know that information can be reached from libraries and of course on internet, on the other hand, “knowledge” is something else. That’s something you have to experience whether the outcome is positive or negative. What we are trying to share in this site is information which was gained by experiences.

We are not native English speakers although we do speak (In fact, I don’t know if you would believe me or not but I wasn’t speaking English at all before I moved to Germany. I studied in my own language back in my country). I (husband) know German and my wife will be attending to a “Mandatory German Language Course” soon. This is for example something we have to talk about it later.

Thanks for reading this, I hope you enjoy this blog and find it useful-informative for your own case. If you have questions, you can always reach us with this email: knowhowgermany@outlook.com. We will try to get back to you as soon as possible.

Mr. A. & Mrs. P.